Carrie T. Watson Garden Club

Organized In 1925
Erie, Pennsylvania


As a formal member of the Garden Club of America, the Carrie T. Watson Garden Club has been championing the cultivation of gardens and horticulture education for nearly 100 years in Erie, PA.

Over our century of service to the area, Carrie T. Watson members have been instrumental in starting many new garden clubs, contributing to area arboretums, establishing gardens at the Erie Zoo and Asbury Woods, and donating The Labyrinth at Frontier Park to the LEAF association.

The club also hosts community events and member only events throughout the year to benefit the community.

The Labyrinth at LEAF

Frontier Park | Erie, PA

In 2005 the Carrie T. Watson Garden Club donated The Labyrinth to the Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier (LEAF) to commemorate our 80th anniversary.

The labyrinth was chosen for its beauty of form, its longevity, and its meditative and restorative benefits. Labyrinth walking has shown to be effective in relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, and reducing anxiety. Peace of mind found walking the path in the fresh air and sunshine, smelling the grass, hearing bird song, all contribute to an ability to react to life with greater calm, compassion, and creativity.

Since its creation, the labyrinth has been in constant use. Church groups, garden clubs, elementary and high school students, university students, and individuals from all walks of life have discovered the joys of walking the labyrinth in the beautiful setting of LEAF.

How to Walk The Labyrinth

“When life becomes a maze, walk the labyrinth.” -Unknown

When walking the labyrinth, pause and wait at the entrance. Become quiet and centered, then begin to walk at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Pass or be passed by others walking the labyrinth by briefly stepping off, then returning to your chosen path. Enjoy the peace and reflection within.

Labyrinth Facts

  • The labyrinth measures 60 feet in diameter and has nine circuits, 2 circuits smaller than the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France.
  • There are 660 pre-cast concrete pavers in the path, each measuring 18″x18″, laid flush with the surrounding meadow grass.
  • The labyrinth cost over $26,000 to build. A $15,000 endowment will provide for its upkeep.

Community Events

Hosted by Carrie T. Watson Garden Club